SPRING 2018 

Let it Out: Art, Zines, and Identity



Syzygy invites you to Let it Out: Art, Zines, and Identity. 

How do we define ourselves in a world that constantly tries to tell us who we are? 

On April 7, 2018, Syzygy is exploring identity — from race to sexuality to body image and more — with a panel of multidisciplinary artists. The process of figuring out who we are can be messy and uncomfortable, but also equally liberating. We'll be hearing from women who are exploring their own concepts of identity through artistic expression. 

After the panel, we're digging into a non-commercial art form (no artistic chops necessary!) with a zine workshop. Zines are a medium that has often been use to get unheard voices into circulation. 

Women are continuously being written about, policed, and defined by mainstream media — the zine workshop is a way for us to reclaim what being a woman means to each of us. 

As always, Syzygy is an intimate space to ask questions, be heard, and build sisterhood with women from across the city. We can't wait to gather with you!

April 7, 2018
LOVT Studio (888 Dupont St.) 
7pm - 1030pm
One ticket includes entry, appetizers, and unlimited drinks.

This is a 19+ event. 



Our Amazing Partners


Syzygy gatherings would't be possible without the generosity of our amazing partners. From food to music, each aspect of our events are in partnership with badass women-driven businesses and entrepreneurs.
Thank you for creating a space for sisterhood with us! 

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Interested in partnering with Syzygy for future events?
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