Let it Out: Syzygy Zine


At Syzygy's last gathering, the union got crafty. In an exercise of collective catharsis and as an homage to women in the arts who have been expressing, defining, and celebrating who they are for years, we made a zine.

So, we took out the magazine scraps, glue sticks, and markers to create our collective zine. Our workshop leader — the inspiring and talented Margeaux Feldman encouraged us to express ourselves in whatever way we saw fit. There was no right answer or numbers to follow. Zines are whatever you want them to be (how perfect for an evening spent discussing 'identity') and we are kind of in love with the result. 


Flipping through the Syzygy zine, we see a display of self-identified women are deciding who they are for themselves and warm reminders to love yourself through it all. 

It's a gem and we think it'll look great on your coffee table or night stand. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first Zine and joined us for the magical Spring 2018 gathering!  If you'd like your very own copy of the Syzygy zine, we would love to mail you one. An individual zine costs $7.00 with $1 from each sale going towards Sistering — a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.

Please email us at contact@syzygytoronto.com with the subject line"SYZYGY ZINE" to get your copy! We will be accepting orders up until June 30, 2018. 



Marijke Kailah