Syzygy is a community space for women, based in Toronto.

We curate offline, screen-free gatherings with non-binary/self-identified women. Whether we’re throwing one of our seasonal gatherings or partnering with a women-driven brand, we ensure each event is unique, intimate, and intentional.

Founded by two dear friends Marijke Large and Kailah Bharath, Syzygy was created out of the point of view that spaces for sisterhood are essential to personal growth.

At our events we share stories, listen to one another, and explore relevant and often complex themes like feminism, identity, and self-care from different points of view.

One of the meanings of “Syzygy” is a union of opposites and it’s a defining element of our gatherings. We acknowledge and embrace our differences. We know that the “female identity” is not a brand and that there isn’t a single story for us all. We are multifaceted and come from different backgrounds, cultures, generations, and paths in life.

We see diversity as our strength and we expand through our union.


It all started when…

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