The Mission

Syzygy — a union of opposites — is a gathering of women in Toronto. Through seasonal events, we curate spaces where women can hang out, be themselves, make new friends, talk shop, explore relevant topics, share ideas and walk away feeling a little bit more inspired. Knowing that no two women are exactly alike, our community embraces diversity, celebrates individuality, and joins together for powerful moments of learning and dialogue. At our core, we are women who believe in the magic of other women.  

History 101

In 2015, two friends (and former colleagues, current roommates, and the original "union of opposites") started a conversation on a train about a deep desire for a female-centred support system. Themes like career mentorship, mental health, intersectional feminism, body image and collaboration over competition made the top of the list. Two years later, the conversation hasn't stopped. After countless evenings spent researching, spit-balling, and dreaming up plans, we launched Syzygy into the real world on May 27, 2017. 


Why gather IRL?

The mission is simple, really. We know there is strength when women gather together. In this last year, we witnessed an outpouring of women rallying in unison around the world. It's an understatement, but we are truly a powerful force (no matter who is "in power"). Syzygy believes the local, physical gathering is so important. Toronto is made up of one million women with diverse perspectives and experiences. We want to create an intentional crossing of many different paths. You can be part of this journey with us. 


What's in a name? 

Have you tried pronouncing it yet? Syzygy (SY-ZY-GY) is an English word (believe it or not) and is loosely defined as a "union of opposites" which also inspired our official tagline. We know there is no single story to describe who we are, despite popular attempts to brand the female identity. We are multifaceted, unique, and ever-changing. We want to harness our collective diversity and tell our own stories in our own way. 

The gatherings

Syzygy gatherings take place a few times each year. Every gathering is unique but includes a mix of group activities, speaker highlights, open discussions, and free time to dine, drink, and mingle with a truly inspiring group of women. We intentionally curate intimate environments, so when you join us you can feel at home, accepted, and celebrated. 


For women by women

An important part of our mission is to celebrate, support, and advocate for female-run businesses and professionals in our city. Whether you own a flower shop or an accounting firm, we want to invite you and your business to be part of what we do. All aspects of the event are generously sponsored by female-run businesses in Toronto. Have a business inquiry? Let's connect. 

Device-free zone

Each one of our gatherings are device-free. Once you enter the gathering space, we kindly ask that you turn your device off or switch to airplane mode. Cell phones are great tools for communication, but they can often get in the way of genuine connection. We encourage direct eye contact, striking up conversation with strangers, and if you're a little nervous, don't worry, we have convo starters on hand.