Read: Books on our Nightstands

Take a break from the midnight scroll, and take a look at some of the books beloved by Syzygy Founder Marijke Large. Read more.


Let it Out: Paulina O’Kieffe

Paulina opens up about carbs, emotional eating, and personal sacrifices in her pursuit of success as an entrepreneur and a mother. Read more.


Let it Out: Ola Mazzuca

In her poem Diving Timing, Ola shares her journey into meditation over the last eight months as she worked through personal trauma and transitions. Read more.


Let it Out: Talitha Tolles

Kicking off the Let it Out series, Talitha shares her unedited journey of navigating her identity and sexuality. Read more.

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Meet: Chanel Cezair

Chanel is the founder and lead stylist at Studio67, a unique Toronto-based studio that puts values and community at it’s centre. Read more.


Meet: Kayley Reed

Kayley founded a startup that’s tackling the stigma around mental illness and recently shared her story at Syzygy’s Self-care Supper. Read more.


Reflect: Syzygy Launches

In may 2017, Syzygy stopped being “just an idea” between two former roommates. Co-founders Marijke and Kailah sit down to reflect on the aftermath of the community’s inaugural gathering. Read more.