Syzygy creates offline, screen-free, living-room style events and workshops designed for multifaceted women in Toronto.

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Founded by two dear friends, Syzygy was created out of the point of view that spaces for sisterhood are essential to personal growth.

We host events and workshops to share stories, listen to one another, and explore relevant themes like intersectionality, mental health, and self-care in rare intimate settings with thought leaders, experts, and women who inspire us. All of our events are trans and non-binary inclusive and intentionally feature a diversity of speakers, performers, and community leaders.

Since launching in 2017, we’ve hosted 200+ women at our community events, partnered with 20+ women-driven businesses, and have started offering Syzygy corporate workshops.


One of the meanings of “Syzygy” is a union of opposites and it’s a defining element of our gatherings. The female identity is not a brand. There isn’t a single story for us all.

We are multifaceted and come from different backgrounds, cultures, generations, and paths.

Diversity is our strength and we expand through our union.


Fuel the female-driven economy

Syzygy is passionate about supporting businesses and initiatives by women. Each of our gatherings have been in proud partnership with mission- aligned women-driven companies, artists, speakers, and entrepreneurs


Meet some of our past and present partners.


Partner with Syzygy.

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You can hang with us.

Our gatherings take place on a seasonal basis. Keep an eye out for the next one.